How to accept general terms and conditions of RFCs in PCS



In case a freight RU selects a PaP into its dossier in order to be able to submit Path Request, every involved RU has to accept the general terms and conditions of the corridor. In case of multi corridor request the RU has to do it as many times as many corridor exists and it uses in the dossier. The acceptance is valid for one timetable period. In a new timetable period the the RU should accept the terms again. RU should accept it per corridor and per dossier.

Acceptance of general terms and conditions should be done by the RUs in the following way:

FeederRU1Not necessary
PaP - RFC1RU2Necessary for RFC1
PaP - RFC2RU3Necessary for RFC2
OutflowRU4Not necessary

How to do it in PCS


If the RU has PaPs in the dossier and it didn't accept yet the General terms and conditions (GTC) of the particular corridor, it will see a new type of warning below the acceptance indicators. Without the acceptance the RU won't be able to set green light in the dossier.

Control view of GTC

If the RU already accepted the GTC, the warning won't be visible anymore in the Control. When the user clicks on the link, the system will open a new view in Administration.


In the administration page the user can search the states of acceptance per timetable periods. PCS will show all the used corridors on the screen.

Administration collapsed view

Selecting one of the used corridors user can accept or reject the GTC.

Administration extended view


Any user can either accept or reject the GTC of the particular corridor, who has editing rights in PCS. As it was written above in order to submit path request (or actually to set green light) the RU has to accept the GTC. If the RU already accepted the GTC, but it changed its opinion and would like to reject, it's also possible. RU can reject GTC only, if it didn't submit any path request yet for the particular timetable period and corridor. If the user still likes to reject GTC, he should withdraw all submitted requests.