Acceptance of alternative offer


When can an Applicant expect alternative offer?

Conflict resolution including the alternative offer is a part of the pre-allocation phase of the RFC workflow between X-8 and X-7.5. It affects only those dossiers that contain PaPs and were submitted as New Path Request. In the case of Late or Ad-Hoc path requests, there isn't any conflict resolution, the procedure is first come first served.

If an Applicant's dossier is in conflict with another dossier and its priority value lower, the RFCs may select the option to offer an alternative PaP for the conflicting one.


PCS notifies the members of the dossier that an alternative offer was sent by the RFCs. Even if the alternative offer is only on a single section and does not affect all the Applicants, PCS notifies all active users from the involved Applicant agencies.

Acceptance of alternative offer

After the notification e-mail, the Applicants can go to PCS and check the alternative offer. The users will see a new dossier segment under the Applicant timetable that contains the alternative offer.

Alternative offer in dossier segments

When the user selects the Alternative offer segment, the system will open automatically a comparison view. There the user can select the timetables that he/she would like to compare. This is also the area where the user can accept or reject the alternative offer.

Timetable comparison, accept/reject the alternative offer

In the comparison view, it will be visible for the user, if PaP section(s) were removed from the dossier and they were replaced by other PaP section(s).

Removed (requested) PaPs

Alternative offer PaPs

In order to continue the path request process, the involved Applicants have to make a statement regarding the alternative offer. Every involved Applicant (even if the alternative is on the other Applicant's area) has to accept or reject the alternative offer.

Based on the Applicants decision the RFCs can continue the PaP pre-allocation process.

  • If the alternative offer was accepted, then they will forward the rest of the dossier to the IMs for timetable, if it's necessary
  • If the alternative offer was rejected, then they will forward the whole dossier as a tailor-made request to the IMs