Export option on the object page

As any kind of user, I can make an export now from the page of a particular object. That would export the single object. In further sprints, we will add this export option to the object list pages too.

Create frequency improvement

The option is available now in view mode too, not only in editing. We added some additional information about the base object in the create frequency dialogue.
It's possible now to have negative value shifts too.
When the creation is done, we get a confirmation message.

Update TCR timetable periods

We had to introduce the TTP field for the TCRs, because of the Planned Transport Identifiers. We had to update all the TCRs' TTP based on their validity periods.
There are a few that cross TTP, so we had to check manually, what TTP to select.

Bulk editing of timetables

The new option is available in the bulk operations, called "Shift timetables". With this, the user is able to shift the timetables of the selected object as bulk operations, without editing them one by one. It's also useful for a single object, if the user would like to shift the times on all locations, it can be done with a bulk operation, without manually at each station.

Bulk editing of conflicting objects

On the object list pages, we have a new option in the operations. Next to edit, view, clone or delete option, we have now the "Conflicts" option too. It means the user doesn't have to open the object.
The bulk operation button is now available on the conflicts page and the user can perform a bulk operation for the selected object. There is a certain type of limitation: the user can select objects belonging to the same type of objects, e.g. only catalogues. After the bulk operation was done, we are directed back to the conflict page.


Validation errors for frequency object creation/bulk edit page

The newly created/shifted objects shall be in the same validity period and using the same circulation days pattern as the base object.
When the action was done, we will give back either the confirmation and/or the error message.

TCR timetable precision

It's a big issue and we have to break it down into smaller issues, but we will start working on this topic.