Composite identifier for the different objects

Details can be seen in the change request.

Company registration was also added to the tool. It's a new taxonomy "Companies". Then the company can be selected for the users by the administrators.

Core element: if we have less than 12 characters we add automatically "_" placeholders

The export doesn't work yet, but the import is fine.

We will adjust the drop-down of the company because we will show there "name; company code" together.

New objects overlapping objects are not visible

It has been partially fixed. Some remaining parts are added to the next sprint.

Traffic type filter on the chart

A new filter was added to the chart. By default both of them are active.

Frequency object design

Details can be seen in the change request.

The views can be seen in the attachments.

Core element won't be prefilled. Variant will be prefilled with 00. We will also show the circulation days pattern for the base object.


Frequency of objects development

Details can be seen in the change request.

Route selection analysis

We will start the analysis for the route finding and route presentation on the chart for capacity supply. Also, we start the investigation of the Capacity Model (TCR share, 24h overview)