Change the TT period

There was an issue, with changing the timetable period on existing objects. The validity period was changed, but the running days were not applied according to the circulation days. Now it's fixed.

All-day/circulation days problem

All days and Mon-Sun are selected. It's not supposed to be like this. Either All days or a particular pattern of circulation days.

Now, when you select the days from Mon to Sun, then it automatically selects All Days and de-selects the daily pattern. The root cause was in the import.

Validation error

There was a Drupal validation error referring to a missing location in the timetable. We investigated the issue, but it was not possible to reproduce it. We added a special log for this, so for the future, we will notice better, if it happens again.

Detection problem

No type and place of the overlapping were found by the tool for some bands. The reason was that they were not really conflicting objects. They were parallel bands on the Brenner pilot. False conflict, now it's fixed.

Detection default filter modification

Overlap on the station is not selected anymore by default. We agreed on this last time, to speed up the search. Though, it's still possible to include it to the search criteria by the user.

Conflict detection error

We found an issue during our testing, that a TCR vs. Catalogue conflict was not detected by the tool. It turned out that it works from the CP, but it doesn't work from the TCR. They will need to check it. The other issue with a Path vs. Path conflict is not yet checked. They created an issue for that, we expect fixes in the next sprint.

Release planning
First, we should handle the detection problem, then we can have a staging release. Beginning of next week. Same time it will go to production too, but there the overlapping detection will remain hidden.


Passenger/Freight train chooser

Design task.

Design composite identifier place

Design task.

Traffic type filter on the chart

Please find here the change request.

The composite identifier for the different objects

Please find here the change request.

The company field will be also created for the users so that we can prefill the company codes with their UIC codes.
The import/export will also get the new columns.