Detect overlapping objects

Updates permanently with new results and search is indicating with an icon and text.
The most performance is the need for the catalogue overlapping on stations.
To speed up the process, the station overlappings are not selected by default in the search.

It's available now on the staging and it's ready for the test.

Chart loading upon user trigger

There is a search button and the chart is loaded only when the user clicks the search.

Open object automatically in new tab

On the search page, object page, chart, when the user clicks on an object, it is opened always in a new tab. Same goes for the editing of the objects.

When the user saves preparation mode from published, stay in edit mode

It doesn't matter what we change in the object in the edit mode, after save, it always remains in edit mode.

Unremovable day

12th December problem. The first day of the TTP got stuck and the user was not able to de-select it, only with a workaround.

Everything except the detection of overlapping goes to production on Monday (1st February).


All-day/circulation days problem

Everything is selected: circulation days + all days, which is not logical. It's either-or. Those objects shall be fixed. The task is to prepare a script to solve the problem. It needs to be checked whether it's related to the import.

Validation error

The drupal error shows up that the last path section doesn't have a location, which is not possible in ECMT.

Changing TT period

Cloned object and the TT is changed from one TT to another TT. Circulation days were selected, but the calendar was empty. The solution might be, if I have circulation days in an object, the system applies them for the new TTP.