Key enter should start a search (bug)

Enter button has reset the form on the search page and on the object page

Remove day from the calendar (bug)

The user was not able to remove properly the days from the daily calendar view. It always removed the neighbouring days or something like that. It blinks now upon selection, which is an attribute of this plugin.

Detecting overlapping objects (optimization)

We've added a pre-loader to the page. First, we show the empty grid and in the meantime, we are permanently searching for the detected overlapping. The pre-loader shows the % of the progress also which conflicts are searched.
Catalogue conflict overtaking needs the most time, we are still working on the optimization of that.
If there is an update on a catalogue, then due to the caching of the objects to the timetable (conflict detection) table, it might take time (5 minutes) when the update is visible on the conflict.

Idea: maybe we can show already the detected results on the grid, while we are still searching for other types of conflicts.

When the URL of the form is fixed and the pages of the results are added, it will be ready to roll-out to staging.

WHAT/Next sprint

Open object automatically in new tab

When the user saves preparation mode (from published) edit view should open

Chart loading upon user trigger

* certification

Unremovable day (bug)