Criss-crossing objects with offset

It's a general solution now, not specifically for the use case when the objects and their lines meet only once or twice.

Scenario table data

If only one day was selected for a continuous TCR (valid from-to the same) and the all days option was used, it shows properly on the chart, but when the user opens the object from the chart, ECMT shows a huge error message on the object page. It was fixed and no error message is shown.

Drupal core update

Delete/remove location

There is a problem when we delete a location from the system. In this case, we show a message in the timetables that there is a "missing location". Editing of such an object leads to error.

We discussed that in the future, we should cover the use case when a location becomes invalid (unpublished), but real deletion should never happen. Then, unpublished location cannot be added to a line. We will work on the requirements now, and implementation will come in 2021.

Disabled save option for path editing

Save button was available but didn't work for any object if the transparency is set by the user with the slider. The tool added 2 digits to the decimal number, instead of the expected 3 digits.

WHAT/Next sprint

Preloader animation for the chart

To show a loading page feature, while the user has to wait for the chart. It will be useful for crowded charts, where thousands of objects must be loaded.

Optimization of big conflict pages

Currently, the conflict detection leads to performant issues. We will try to improve this, but most likely the release of this feature will be in 2021.

Optimization of release time

Including the conflict detection feature, the release time is too long and we have found a solution to narrow it down.


Staging test on Monday morning for this couple new fixes. If we don't find any blocking point, then production release on Monday afternoon.