Search bug on staging

There was an issue with searches that contain a dash (-). The issue has been fixed.

The chart does not load on Antwerpen - Rotterdam

The chart has time-out when the user would like to filter for the direction on the Antwerpen - Rotterdam line. This is valid for the production system too, but it has been fixed now.

Notice after cloning

After cloning an object and save, we noticed strange error messages that appeared sometimes. We could see that it happens when a location is removed from a line (not when the location is completely deleted).

The proposed solution is to act as the location was completely deleted, meaning we keep the record in the timetable, but indicate that there is an unknown location. The solution can come in the next sprint.

Criss-cross objects direction problem

PA3 and P4 lines cross each other more than once. We were not prepared for such a use case, so far we covered only the case when they crossed each other once. Now, it's fixed, however, in the next sprint, we will think about a general solution for cases like this.

Direction filter bug

The user tried to filter for top-bottom direction objects, and some bottom-top direction objects were shown too. We saw that it happened because the from/to locations were changed in those objects, without refreshing the timetable. Now, there is an error message, if the from/to location of the line is not compliant with the first and last location of the timetable. You can see the demonstration of the problem on the following screenshot.

On Monday (2020.11.23) the new release will be deployed on production.


  • Criss-crossing objects with offset
  • General solution for criss-crossing objects (concept)
  • Create preloader information for the cahrt (pörifori)
  • Drupal core update