Split conflict detector query by conflict types

We finished the refactoring of the queries that are looking for potential conflicts. In terms of performance, we didn't notice any issue, but the issue resolution in the queries is much simpler now.

Create aggregated timetable tables

We prepared four new tables, one for each object type. We will generate the figures of the object to these. They will be used for conflict detection.

Create service for generating the aggregated timetable

The service that prepares the data and loads the values to the tables of the previous issue. If an object is updated on the GUI, this service updates the table with the recent update.

Logo update

Now the renamed logo is visible as the European Capacity Model Tool.

Potential conflict testing CP vs. TCR

The presented date & time was wrong in the conflict. Now it was fixed.

Next sprint

Re-import issue

With the new version on staging, a simple re-import (with a colour change) totally messed up the re-imported catalogues' view on the chart. It happens only via the re-import, manual update on the object doesn't cause this issue. Until it's not fixed, we will wait with the production release.

Use of the aggregated table and the generating service