Conflict detection issues

Resolving conflict detection errors was continued. The bands with an offset will be still on the ToDo list.

On the conflict list overview, the overlap time is shown from the base entity. It shall show the arrival and the departure of the base entity either in the section or on that station.

Currently, if a path arrives at the station and does not continue, but overlap with a band, then it's not detected as a crossing on the section, only as an overlapping. This issue will be added to the next sprints.

Refresh timetable with less location

E.g. we have an object with a timetable A, B, C, D, E. After that we edit it, and we select the destination to C. After the save with less location, the system gave an error. It has been fixed.

Bands on lines meeting multiple times (Breda case)

Previously, a problem occurred with the presentation of objects, when lines meet each other more than one time (e.g. Breda lines). Last time, the issue was fixed only for catalogues and paths, but now it is ready for bands too.


Conflict detecting - false positive, offset business

It works ok until the objects are on the same day. With the offsets it became complicated. Currently, the select queries are prepared per object type pairs. Now, the idea is to change it to conflict types and then union them together later. If there is an issue for one conflict type, the others still remain untouched, easier to fix the code. The other idea is to generate a "real" timetable which day, which hour, which station. So now, for each point, we will generate and store the timetables. The table will be huge, but only numbers will be stored, which means indexing works quite well. For each object type, we will have separate tables. Plus, if needed, we can split it later even per TTP.

They have a similar solution for a map and geography site, where now they have 3-4 million records and it works quite stable.

It will be refreshed automatically upon saving a new version for an object. We have to check the impact of this on the regular update/edit procedures.

Next Sprint

Split conflict detector query by conflict types

Create aggregated timetable tables

Create service for generating the aggregated timetable

Logo change


The current version will go to Staging. Next week we keep testing and when we give feedback, then we can have a production release.