Further development of the overlapping object detection

There was an issue with the parallel objects (paths) and those that are crossing each other with an offset (same offset).

There are two problems to solve to avoid false-positive conflict detection:

  • If there are two objects, both of them offsets, but the offset values are not the same (+2 and +1)
  • If there are two objects with an already detected false positive conflict and a real conflict, we don't show them now.

Overlapping objects on lines where location places are different

We had a presentation mistake for those objects that are on lines that cross each other more than one time, e.g. the Breda lines. Now, the objects are properly shown where they enter and where they leave the line.

Before the bug fix:

After the bug fix:


Entity type filter doesn't work consequently

On the conflict pages (still available only in the demo), if the user added the TCR to the objects, the formerly shown other objects (e.g. paths) disappeared.

Circulation days are still deleted during import

There was a mistake in the exported Excel file. Even though the user could see there 0 and 1 for the calendar days, they were functions. During a re-import, it would have caused trouble. Now, it's fixed and really 0 and 1 are exported as numbers.

Next sprints

We will spend time on the analysis of the false positive conflict detection. The implementation will follow only after the analysis.