Add new location country bug

Last used country is presented.

Maximize lines tooltip

If there are too many (more than 10 lines) of periods in the overlapping, then we cut it and indicate that with "..."

Path/CP crossing Band on station

This was the missing option from the combinations

Detecting conflicts when offset for one object exists

We extended the search criteria with the offset value. Now, it may create false positive results, but that shall be fixed in the next Sprint.

Base entity (the one that arrives at a station with an offset) has the list entity as a result.

List entity (the one that runs on that day where the base entity has the offset) doesn't have currently the base entity. That will be fixed with the next sprint.

Also, the offset related conflicts doesn't have yet the type and place of the overlapping. That will be solved later too.

Test cases

Excel with the possible test cases. Including also the false positive cases that should not appear. We will need two additional options:

  • Overlap with TCR on station

  • Overlap with TCR on station - total closure

Next Sprint

Fixing those missing offset related issues.

Testing the not offset related overlapping.

Re-designing the filter options on the overlapping result view.


Goes to production:

  • Multiple day objects

  • Overlapping sections