Validate band timetable

The aim of the task was to avoid situations when the user enters only one time for a station for a band. Now, it's not possible anymore, and even the GUI gives an error. It works the same way in the import too, the tool gives back an error that a time field is empty.

TCR Traffic Measures - Estimated delay minutes storage and display

Until now, we stored the delay minutes in the wrong format, that is why they were presented wrong on the GUI after creation, e.g. 12:00 instead of 12 because it's a minute field. Now, it's fixed and the presentation also works fine.

Band add problem

During RNE testing, Lukas found an issue. This has been fixed.

When adding band "from time" and moving to "to time" of the band the system automatically selects offset +1:

After entering "to time" of the band and clicking save the system opens error message:

Conflict detection

Available on demo only.

From the navigation point of view, each object type has now the "Detect overlapping objects" option. The form with the search results is identical with the Chart search options.

The harmonization status filter is visible only for Admin and Pilot users. Read-only and Anonymous users can see only published objects.

In the tooltip, we show also the time frame of the overlapping.

Currently, the following overlapping scenarios are covered for overlapping, crossing and overtaking:

  • Path/CP - Path/CP

  • Band - Band

  • Band -TCR

  • TCR - TCR

  • Path/CP - TCR

  • Path/CP - Band

There is one missing, the Path/CP - Band crossing between two stations. Also, when the objects have different offsets on a station, we cannot detect the overlapping yet.

Next Sprint

Preparation of the test cases

Implementation of the missing Path/CP - Band crossing between two stations detection

Automated testing

As the number of possible scenarios and the complexity of the system is growing, we will prepare a plan for the implementation of automated testing. From the effort point of view, the implementation might be 2-3 times more than a human end to end test, but that is only once. In the long-term it would be definitely beneficial. RNE's priority on automated testing:

  1. Successful object creation

  2. Valid object presentation

  3. Valid overlapping detection


Staging features with the multiple-day objects (offsets) and the overlapping sections will be released by the end of the next sprint (after 17th July).

On the demo site, RNE will start testing the personal filters and the potential conflict detection.