Multiple day object testing

Testing those objects that run more than one day to check the new offset feature. Most of the issues have been fixed already, but we still have some (5-6) issues that need to be fixed before putting them to production. One is critical, if that's fixed, then it can go to staging.

Multiple day bands presentation on chart

Now the bands that have offset inside are also presented properly on the chart.

PHP 7.3 upgrade

The production version has been clicked and tested and the upgrade was successful.

Store calculated time data in the database for further calculations

If not all the timetable fields are fulfilled, we need to calculate some times and store them to DB, without showing it on the screen. It's a pre-condition for the overlapping detection.

Now the calculated values are stored in the DB and also marked whether it was added by the user or the system itself.

Creating service to determining overlapping

Each object type has now a list for potential conflicts. There is a detecting procedure which can decide between two objects, where there is an overlapping and if yes, what kind of.

Naming convention of TCR conflicts

Anything else kind of conflict -> 

  • In the direction of the TCR, not Total closure

  • Not in the direction of the TCR, not Total closure

The direction could be also shown with a symbol to gain space.

Next Sprint

Apart from the pending bug fixes (multiple day objects), we continue with the overlapping object detection. We agreed that when two objects are overlapping each other on a longer section (or the whole line), e.g. band vs. path, then we show one overlapping the grid (stations and sections crossings are merged) and we show there the first and the last station of the overlapping.

When the bugs are fixed from the previous developments, we deploy everything on the staging. That will be the multiple day objects (offsets and long dwell time on stations), overlapping lines. Personal filters and overlapping object detection will remain either in local or demo as those are not yet finalized.