Search form was designed, now it's more similar to Chart and Object page view. User defined search is also integrated, the results per page as well.

It will be available only on the demo site for the time being.

Chart search improvement

Each search gets its own URL. It enables the option to save the searches and create user defined filters.

Exact day stepper

It's possible now to step day by day with the exact day filter. The user doesn't have to open the calendar and select the running day.

Potential conflict search

We started the search view and query for the potential conflict detection.

Test cases for the overlapping sections

A table was prepared with test cases to cover the possible scenarios for the overlapping sections.

Release overview

We will have then releases for the systems in JIRA so that it's easier to track which feature is deployed where.

Commuter trains

Commuter trains option is ready now for TCRs Traffic measures. Available now for staging.

Next Sprint

We will start the overlapping object detection.