Missing time data

This issue is related to the overlapping lines development. When an object has time only on the first and last location, previously we could not draw the object properly on the overlapping sections. Now, this issue is fixed.

Chart filter reorganization

Due to the exact day filter, we re-organized the filters and now the order is more logical than before. Further improvements are expected, UX designed has been already finished, implementation comes in further sprints.

TTP 2021 in bulk edit

In bulk editing, the "Add dates" option was not working properly for objects in TTP 2021, but now it has been fixed.

Show running days instead of validity in TCR tooltip

For periodical TCRs we show now the running days, as the circulation days.

We can improve it with more details in the future, e.g. which days, but if the object has a lot running days, it would make a mess in the tooltip. We need to analyse that.

Hover for multiple day objects

If an object runs for more than 24 hours, it has several parts on the chart. If any of that is selected, all other pieces are highlighted as they belong to the same object.

Incoming/outgoing line direction

There was an issue with the indication of directions on the overlapping sections. Now, the directions of the objects are properly shown.

Long dwell time on a station (midnight crossing)

It was not possible to define long dwell time on the stations. Now, it's supported, so users can define long dwell times. It works with the offsets.

Select All vs. Current page

Now, the user is able to select whether his selection is valid for all pages or only for one page. For bulk editing, later we will add also an info before the bulk edit, how many objects are selected.

User defined filters

Currently available only on demo site, still under testing. With this feature, the the user can save the search or choose from already created filter. The filters are valid on the object sites.

Next sprint

Exact day stepper

User shall be able to switch the views day by day with the exact day filter, without clicking in the calendar.

Test scenarios of overlapping sections

Nothing to report about it. We will prepare the test scenarios for the overlapping sections development and run those, before releasing the feature to production.

User defined filters on chart and search page

User shall be able to define and save filters also on the Chart and Search page, so that they can re-use the frequently applied filters.

Extend traffic measures matrix of TCRs with commuter trains

TCR traffic measures shall be extended with commuter trains option due to a recent change in the TCR tool.

Conflict detection

We start the requirements and analysis of the conflict detection