Multiple day objects (midnight crossing)


Timetable tables in the database were extended with offset columns. Values were updated for the already existing objects: catalogues, paths, bands. In most of the cases, the values are zeros, as only a few objects have midnight crossings.

Adding offset fields to band, catalogue and path forms

Offsets can be viewed with a check-box. If I don't select it, but the tool detects automatically an offset, e.g. 23:50 arrival and 00:20 departure, it will show automatically +1 day at the departure side.

In case of bands, the default values need further work. It's not trivial to apply the same offset from the "To time" of location 1 to the "From time" on the location 2. It needs further investigation and implementation.

Offset validation is also applied, meaning the user cannot change the offset back in time.


  • Checking whether the new columns exist (arrival offset, departure offset)

  • Checking whether the offsets and the set times are valid

Chart presentation

Long paths and bands are supported now. To be fixed in the next sprints that offset shall not be set to a location, if time is not entered.

Presentation is not yet compliant with the exact day filter. That shall be fixed in the next sprints.

Exact and subset match on object pages

In the former version there was an issue, because the two options were working vice versa compared to the expected behaviour. Now the exact and subset match works according to the required filters:

  • Subset: shown if there is at least one single common running day in the selected period

  • Exact: shown if all the days fit to the selected period

Save click for editing a published object

If a user tries to edit a published object, ECMT requires first a change of harmonization status. After changing the harmonization status to preparation and user saved it, the system shows automatically the editing page of the object. Previously, after the save of the new harmonization status, the system brought back the user to the object search page.

Adding a day that is already there

If an update would add a day or days that are already there in the object, we won't generate a new version for that object.

Overlapping lines

Bands, TCRs, catalogues and paths are all supported now

Next Sprint

Hover state on multiple days on object chart: when an objects runs more days on the chart, if I select any part of the line, the other lines shall be highlighted too

Long dwell time on a station (midnight crossing)

Select objects on this page or on all pages

Extend traffic measures of TCRs with commuter trains

Chart filter reorganisation

Show running days instead of validity period in TCR tooltip for periodical TCRs

Design and the first implementation of the user-defined filters


The current version will remain on the demo site. We expect stage deploy and then production deploy after the next sprint, because there are minor issues to be fixed.