Bulk operation check-box (BUG)

Check-box appears only for those objects that belongs to a line where I am pilot user (editor)

When selecting objects for bulk change add a notice

If I select objects in published and closed, we give a notice in advance so the user won't waste his time doing the bulk.

Renaming diesel-only field

Field is renamed to "No catenary". It works also in the import/export.

Version number on login screen

Bottom right corner contains version number and date of release.

Searching and filters on object pages

User can search:

  • Line

  • TTP

  • Validity period

  • Harmonization status

  • Traffic type

  • TCR classification: not defined option is also available

Number of results per page

In the user settings the user is able to set the default result limit number per page.

Presentation of objects on overlapping sections (only on demo site for the time being)

Works everything except for the bands. Calculation of the parallelogram is more complex.

View for the exact day filter

When user selects exact day, the match is automatically set to exact match and subset is disabled.

Next sprint

Prepare view for offsets

Detect automatic offset