CIP 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Welcome to RNE CIP 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this important survey measuring customer satisfaction for our system. We will gain your thoughts and opinions in order to better serve you in the future. 

This survey should only take a few minutes to complete. Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.

Dear Users! CMS RNE files are being moved to a new RNE Portal. Access to the existing files remains open in read-only mode. If you have any questions, please contact Your Space’s Administrator or Apologies for any inconvenience. CMS support Team

If you do not have an RNE CMS account or you have one but you are not logged in with it, we do not collect and store any personal data from you in the process of filling in the survey, i.e. your personality remains fully anonymous for RNE. If you do have RNE CMS account and your are logged in to the CMS at the time of filling in the survey, we can identify who has answered the questions. However, all answers you provide are kept in the strictest confidentiality. More on privacy in RNE can be found here:

Please note that the results from the survey are not considered personal data and may be shared with third parties (e.g. RNE members, IT suppliers, official authorities, etc.).