RNE Technical Meeting 2019: How to book a hotel room


Dear RNE Technical Meeting 2019 participant,

this page provides you with all the information necessary to book a hotel room for the Technical Meeting. Make sure that you are registered for the Technical Meeting itself, the registration form could be found here: https://cms.rne.eu/pcs/content/rne-technical-meeting-2019-registration



The Olšanka Hotel is offering single rooms and double rooms at a rate of approximately € 56-66 per night (including buffet breakfast, WiFi, service charges and VAT). Rates and room availability for nights 11-14 June 2019 are guaranteed until 13 May 2019. Please take into consideration the following fees in case you later decide to cancel your room reservation (name of the participant can be naturally changed any time free of charge):

Room CancellationCancellation fee
30 days before arrivalFree of charge
29-14 days before arrival30% of total price
13-7 days before arrival50% of total price
Less than 7 days before arrival100% of total price






*) Please always contact the hotel in case of cancellation, the hotel might decide not to apply the fee 


To book a room you need to send a booking email, stating your wishes. The booking email with text is automatically generated by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.
Alternatively, you might decide to send the email on your own as well (see the template below).

The payment for the accommodation by the participants is by default expected upon your arrival to the hotel! However, you might ask the hotel to invoice your company in advance. Please, in this case, write this in the booking email.

If you have any questions please contact sebastian.carek@rne.eu
If you do not wish to stay in the Olšanka, feel free to choose any suitable accommodation. Alternative hotels are available for example at www.booking.com or https://www.trivago.co.uk/?



To: reservation@hotelolsanka.cz
CC: sebastian.carek@rne.eu
Subject: RailNet Room Booking for RNE TM 2019


Dear Hotel,

I will participate in the RailNetEurope Technical Meeting 2019 at Hotel Olšanka. I would like to book a room at your hotel:

First name / Prénom / Vorname: ???
Last name / Nom / Nachname: ???
Company / Enterprise / Unternehmen: ???
Check-in / Arrivée / Anreise: 11 June 2019
Check-out / Départ / Abreise: 14 June 2019

Single or Double room

Thank you very much!


Company Type