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RNE Technical Meeting 2021 26-02-2021
2021 26-02-2021
Version 2.14.0 Changes 26-02-2021




2021.02.25 - PCS EC version 2.14.0 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.

2021.02.26. Sprint review 26-02-2021


Composite identifier for the different objects

Details can be seen in the change request.

Company registration was also added to the tool. It's a new taxonomy "Companies". Then the company can be selected for the users by the administrators.

Core element: if we have less than 12 characters we add automatically "_" placeholders

The export doesn't work yet, but the import is fine.

We will adjust the drop-down of the company because we will show there "name; company code" together.

Missing values in TractionType element 26-02-2021
2021-03-09/10 Online 25-02-2021
Annexes of the Minutes 24-02-2021
Annexes of the Agenda 24-02-2021
24 March 2021, MS Teams - MB meeting 26-02-2021
20210303 MB meeting 25-02-2021
RNE General Assembly 19 May 2021 19-02-2021
Fix error in XSD for Push/Pull train 18-02-2021
2021.02.23 telco 17-02-2021
Version 2.13.2 Changes 22-02-2021


2021.02.12 - PCS EC version 2.13.2 was deployed on production, test1, and test4.


[RNE014-4027] - Carry forward - selected dossiers are missing
[RNE014-4028] - Rolling planning - available for selection

(There are no PCS EC Sprint release notes created for this release notes)

Custom view for object pages and search page 16-02-2021

We notice different GUI structure between search tab folder and add/edit CP.

Column traffic type could be smaller, by using just abbreviations, P, F Also (eventually) to let the user select what columns to show/hide.

Export option on object page 16-02-2021

The user shall be able to export the selected objects from the object details page, just like on the search page, so that they can export only one type of objects.

Indexing of overlapping objects 16-02-2021

When a user selects the chart with all running days active, the system cannot differentiate two paths that have identical running times but with the different calendar and or different train parameters.


Spring 2021 Revision 17-02-2021
Sector Handbook Annex 9 16-02-2021
2020 Revision 16-02-2021