Practically in any space, we have an area called "Library" where we add our documents.
Opening the Library area the system offers us a list of the current folders, if any, to navigate and add new content.

The folders indicate the number of files or subfolders underneath each of those folders. Clicking on the folder, the system opens up the list with them.

Based on your permissions the folder system offers different options pressing in the top wheel: Add new folders, new files, new documents, the rearranging of the content, expand and collapse options and a final filter where we can reduce the number of results offered by the system. 

Folders, files and documents are in reality "nodes". That means that you can add extra information to each node.

Let's navigate between the different options using the top wheel:

  • New folder: Creates a new folder at the top level
    • Enter the new folder name and save it to see in the folder structure.
  • Add file
    • Options:
      • Drag and drop files directly into the drag area
      • Click on "Add files" to navigate into your computer to find the files you want to upload
    • Click on "Start upload" or "Next" to upload the files
    • In the title, it is strongly recommended to change to human-readable text. In this way, the file can be easily found using the Search engine
  • Add document
    • A new node page is shown where you can the document in Html. It also offers the possibility of adding files.
  • Rearrange
    • The documentation is part of the main menu of the space. The items can be moved up, down, left and right as needed.
    • The order of the menu tree is done at the same level alphabetically
      • Click on "Show row weights to change that order if needed.
  • Expand and collapsed all
    • Allows the user to show only the main folder structure or the entire structure
  • Filter
    • If we need to look for certain name folder, document or file, the filter restricts the results based on our search

Other wheels

At each folder, document or file content we find a wheel with different options.

At the folder level, we can perform similar functionalities like at the top level wheel. In this case, if we add a new folder, file or document page, this is created automatically at this folder level and not at the main level.

Working with library nodes

As we mentioned before, every folder, file or document page is, in reality, a node content.

The option to View metadata, shows us, either the file or the node content itself.

The option to edit metadata allows us to:

  • Change the name of the content
  • Change its URL
  • Add extra information in the body field
  • Attach other files to it
  • Change its name or place in the menu structure

For further details, please contact us in the Help area.

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