Depending on the space and the permissions, the user could be able to create a new calendar event.

In order to do so, the user must be on the Home page of the Space or its Calendar section. See the figure below:

Next step is the creation of the Calendar event. Either:

  • Click on the date of the event in the calendar itself, or...
  • Mouseover the "+ Create" button and choose "Create Calendar General Event"

The next screen is self-explanatory in almost all the fields. Please check the details of "Location

  • Give the event a title
  • Calendar Type: Choose the type of event. This is a nonobligatory field but the calendar will be populated with different colors that can aid the users to discriminate between event types
  • Date: Enter date and time (beginning to end).
    • Repeat: Provides several options
      • Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Year
      • Allows the frequency based on the amount of time (based on the above values). For example every 2 days, 3 weeks, etc.
      • Specific days of the week or the month
      • On the first, second, etc. days of the week or of the month
      • Stop repeating after a number of occurrences. Also, stop repeating after a specific date.
      • Exclude certain dates
      • Include specific dates
  • Description: Provide a Description of the meeting
  • Location: (optional field) The system recognizes the physical addresses that will be shown later on a map. In order to do so, follow these steps:
    1. Introduce first just the address alone. For example "Ölzeltgasse 3, 1030 Wien " or "Paris, France"
    2. Click on the separator of the Teaser and the body. See the image below for details. In Html format you can see the new element "<!--break-->"
    3. Now you can add other extra information after it: Floor, room, pictures or any other additional information

  • Agenda and Minutes: Optional areas. Typically used for Calendar type Event.

The rest of the fields are common to all content types and are basically self-explanatory. 

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