The filedepot is Document Managment Solution (DMS) for easily managing and sharing files in CMS.

Filedepot is an alternative to the current libraries in their respective spaces in CMS.

Ask us to deploy Filedepot for you if:

  • You have multiple folders and or multiple files in your current library
  • You need to download several documents or folders at once
  • You need finer granularity in terms of permissions
  • You want extra features like searching, favorites, unread documents, etc.

When it is not necessary to use Filedepot:

  • Your library is very small
  • Your users just need to download one document here and there.

Main Characteristics of Filedepot

  • Search Engine
  • Multiple uploads and downloads
  • Tagging
  • Locking files
  • Version control
  • Notifications, reporting
  • Permissions (total granularity in terms of folders or specific files)

To know more about filedepot and its usage please check the attached document or watch the following video:



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