The CMS navigation is divided into four areas, one on each corner.

Top left menu

  • Contextual menu (Double arrow: >>) contains information about the current space and upper or lower spaces, groups, navigation map, etc...
  • Space menu contains two areas:
  • Logo
    • Takes the user to the main page
  • Space
    • If the user is in a specific Space the system shows the current Space
    • Mouseover space provides:
      • Parent spaces (if any)
      • Subspaces (if any)
      • Section types of the Space (if any)
  • Section type
    • Only available if the user is in a section type
    • Typical section types are:
      • Library
      • Calendar
      • Tasks
      • Discussions

Top right menu

  • Search
    • The default search looks for content across the system
    • This space: filters the search just for the current space content
    • Users: Find uses by name, last name or email (only logged in users)
  • User menu
    • Dashboard
      • Contains information about the usage performed in the system by the user
    • Edit profile
    • My workbench
      • Content created by the user
      • Create content based on your permissions
      • Other information: Files, workbench, etc.
    • Log out
    • Settings
      • User can manage here his/her notifications
    • Recent activity
    • Following
      • Content the user is following
    • Spaces
      • Favorite (list of favorite user spaces)
      • All (list of all the Spaces)

Bottom left menu

Depending on the page, the system offers information about the current page permissions. If it is public or private. In this second case offers information about the allowed users.

Bottom right menu

This is a context depending area. It is also based on permissions.

  • +Create
    • If this button is available the user is able to create content in that area
    • Notice that at the Space level more than one type of content is possible
    • At the section level, only that section type is available if permissions are correct
  • Pencil icon
    • Edit the current node
  • Paper icon
    • Subscribe to this content
    • Other contextual menus like the ones on the dashboard

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