User instructions

For the general user, the registration for any event is a simple process.

In the event itself:

  1. Click on the arrow down in the Registration to see the options.
  2. You may also check the list of participants on your right or edit your own once it has been created.

main screen

Once the registration menu is open:

  1. Select the arrow down in the first field and choose any of the options:
    • Myself
    • Other account
    • Other person
  2. Save the registration


  • If you are logged in, the "Myself" option will add all the fields on your behalf and you just need to save it
  • Choose the "Other account" if you are adding a person that is already in our system.
  • Choose "Another person" and fill all the fields if you are adding a person outside of our CMS web.

The system will send an automatic email confirmation message to you or the user you have registered.


Advanced Registration (Edition or creation of a calendar event)

Calendar events may require or not the registration of their participants depending on your needs.

When you create a new calendar event, the registrations are off and not shown to the users by default. To add registration to an event, please follow these steps:

  1. Add a Title to your new event
  2. Enable the registration (in the picture is disable)
  3. See if you need to edit the "Confirmation email" message with some extra details.
    • The template will use tokens like [node:title] or [node:author] that you can also change or remove if needed.

event registration

Manage registrations

As the author of your event, you have access to the list of participants and additional settings.

  1. Click on "Manage Registrations"
    • The system shows you the list of the registrations
  2. In the Settings tab you have additional features if needed:
    • Maximum number of registrants (zero by default: No limits)
    • Open Date: Since when the registration form needs to be available
    • Close Date: When the registration must be closed
    • Reminder: If checked, you can add a reminder of the event to the registered users at a specific time
  3. Email Registrants: You can send an email to the registered users at any time

manage registrations

Finally, in the tab "Registrations" you can download an excel copy of the registered people at any time.

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