The aim of this document is to provide a short guide about the features of RNE's Document Management System (DMS). Please find here a basic description of the features, such as changing a password, create a folder or a new file, lock/unlock files for offline editing.

Login, Dashboard, administration


The URL of DMS is where you can log in with your username and password that you received from RNE.

If you forgot your password or username or you would like to receive a new one, please contact the PCS Support (


The dashboard is your default opening screen. Here you can see your and the others' activities and you can navigate to the shared folders or to your personal settings.

If you like to change the opening screen to another, e.g. COBRA folder structure, please do the following actions:

  • Go to the page that you would like to have as your home
  • Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen
  • Under the "Home page" option, click "Use Current Page" option


You received your default password from RNE, but if you like to change it, please go to your personal settings that is located under your name in the top right corner of the screen.

There you can select the change password option that leads you to the following page, where you can change your old password with a new one.

Working with files

COBRA folder

Inside the Shared folders, you can find the COBRA folder that has all the other folders from CMS (and formerly from Project Place).

If you click on the folder or the name, you can open it and see the whole folder structure behind. With the create option you add new folders. Adding new files is possible via the "Upload" or you can simply drag & drop your file from the computer to the folder in the browser.

Open a file

If you are in a folder and you found the file you like to work with, you have several options. Before opening it for the details it looks like the following picture.

What kind of options do you have?

Download: it won't lock the file, you can do it anytime if you need the file.

View in browser: if you don't want to download or edit the file, just want to know what is in the file, you can open it in the browser

Edit properties: without downloading or editing the file itself, you can change with this the name of the file and you can also add a description to the file

Edit offline: with this, you will download the file and the system will lock automatically the file for the others. The system shows this information to the other users in the details view and also in the list of files. Locked files can be still opened for view in the browser or downloaded.

Information to the editor in details view:

Information to the editor in list view:

Information to other users about the editing:

There are two ways to unlock a file:

  • Upload new version
  • Cancel editing

When the editor finished the work, a new version could be uploaded.

After selecting the action, the system will ask about the size of the change. The versioning of the document depends on this, because the system versions the files automatically.

The other option is the cancellation of editing. It can be done by the editor, or if a file is being edited and locked for a long time, coordinator users and administrators can also unlock the files.


There are three different groups that have access to COBRA. Permissions are managed based on these three groups. Please find here the basic description for them:

  • COBRA administrators: Máté Bak and Jorge Campo from RNE has administrator rights to delete/lock/unlock/edit any file and also to user administration
  • COBRA "power" users: couple selected users that are in close cooperation with RNE's administrators have also special access and they can also delete/lock/unlock/edit any file in the system
  • COBRA "general" users: all other users are able to add new files, edit anything offline that is not locked by someone else, upload new version

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