In this video we would like to show the way to use CMS for COBRA project.

If you need a new user, please contact Máté Bak. Just send him an e-mail and he will add the new user.

If you like to check who is already in the cobra group, you can use the link from the space home. Here you can see all the members that have access to cobra.

Further help materials, videos can be found in CMS Help area. You can go there using the link on the space home or the always available link on the top of the screen. In the Help area you can find basic and advanced documentation.

In order to be notified when something happened in the system, for example a file has been updated, you can subscribe to the whole COBRA project or similar to this you can do it only with your favourite folders. Doing it on the space home will subscribe you for all the changes that are made in cobra.

To check the folders and the files, please go to the library. Perhaps you can also save this site as one of your bookmarks. As you can see as the result of the migration from project place, the project administrator has already prepared the former folder structure and copied the files from the last years. If you need a new main folder, you can use the new folder option on the top of the screen. Let's check this and define a new folder as test folder.

If you need a sub folder, please use the wheel of the main folder and select add folder. Let us create a test sub folder too. When the folders are ready, you can add there your files. Similar to the former action, please click on the wheel and select add file.
A media browser dialog will appear where you can look for files or you can also drag and drop the file, that you would like to upload. Press start to upload. When you finished, the system offers you a possibility to define title of the file. First of all it is more user friendly and on the other hand it will also help later the search engine to filter easier your files.

When you need to download the file, please click the arrow and the file will be downloaded to your computer. After you finished the work on the file and saved it, you can upload again the same way as before. If you kept the original name of the file, CMS will automatically offer you to update the existing file.

After the update maybe you are interested in the history of the file. In this case you can click on the file or use the wheel and open view meta data. Under the state menu you will see the versions of the files with the upload dates and users.

CMS Help

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