PCS Events

PCS Training Group Meeting Sep-2017

PCS User Group Meeting Sep-2017

PCS Test Group Meeting Sep-2017

Start of timetable 2018

Start of timetable 2019

Period: Dossiers in Final Offer to Active Timetable

Period: Dossiers in Post-Processing to Final Offer

Milestone: Dossiers in Observations to Post-Processing

Period: Dossiers in Path Elaborations to Observations

Deadline: Draft Offer

Milestone: Preparation of RNE Technical Meeting

Milestone: Release Path Elaboration

Deadline: Path Request for Annual Timetable

Period: Dossiers in Feasibility Study Result to Harmonization

Milestone: Limit for answering path study requests

Milestone: Dossiers in Harmonization Conference to Harmonization

Deadline: PaP Publication

PCS Test Group Meeting May-2017

PCS User Group Meeting May-2017

PCS Training Group Meeting Feb-2017

PCS User Group Meeting Feb-2017

PCS Test Group Meeting Feb-2017

North Sea – Mediterranean, Atlantic and Mediterranean RFCs PCS Training 2017

Baltic-Adriatic, Orient/East-Med and Czech-Slovak PCS Training 2017

Rhine- Alpine, ScanMed and North-Sea – Baltic PCS Training 2017

Empty Envelope Concept common workshop

IM parameters are available for edition for IMs

RU Advisory Group and TT Support Group Meetings

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